The Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) is the largest non-governmental farmers’ organization in Uganda. It was founded by farmers from all over Uganda in 1992 with the objective to mobilize the farming community and voices under one independent umbrella organization. It started as Uganda National Farmers’ Association (UNFA) and changed to a Federation in 2002 to embrace various commodity associations and service providers. UNFFEs vision is empowered farmers through strong farmers’ organizations; and our mission is to promote favorable policies for farmer empowerment and strengthen farmer organizations.

UNFFEs objectives are to: Lobby and advocate for farmer friendly agricultural policies; Build and develop capacity of farmer organizations to render effective services; Increase farmers accessibility to income opportunities and agricultural information. UNFFEs mandate is to:

  • Deliver agricultural advisory services; Influence agricultural policy through lobbying and advocacy;
  • Distribute farm inputs/implements and market members produce through our trading and business arm – Uganda Farmers Agribusiness Ltd (UFAL);
  • Mainstreaming gender, HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and natural resource management in the federation’s programs and farming sector in general;
  • Promote agricultural shows and trade fairs; Promote commercialization and Industrialization of agriculture;
  • Organize farmers exchange programs both local and international; Young graduate support;
  • Promote radio listener groups and production of subject matter audios; Provision of marketing information;
  • Provide agricultural-related and other information to the farming fraternity and others through the farmers newspaper.

Our Mission:

“To organize, advocate for favorable policies and transform farmers into prosperous communities.”

Our Vision:

“Empowered farmers for sustainable development”

Our Goal

To contribute to improved farmers’ livelihoods and general agricultural development in Uganda.

Our Objectives

  • Enhance promotion of favorable policies and advocacy for farmers
  • Enhance farmer institutional development and capacity
  • Enhance agribusiness development, financing and resource mobilization
  • Improve natural resources management and agricultural productivity
  • Mainstream Gender and HIV/AIDS in all program activities
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations and support mechanisms at UNFFE
  • Acquire sufficient and sustainable resources for operations and growth at UNFFE.