The Directorate of Partnerships is one of the Functional Technical Directorates under the UNFFE Secretariat headed by a designate Director. She/he reports direct to the Chief Executive Officer. It was founded as a stand-alone directorate in 2018, and ratified by an act of the farmers’ council of that year. Led by a Director, it is supported by Partnership Officers, Resource mobilization officers and assistants. The Functions of the Directorate:
  • The directorate heads and coordinates all UNFFE strategic partners and resource Mobilization efforts, Activities and plans. All Partners that relate, support and engage UNFFE for the development of the farming community and the Agricultural sector, they are coordinated by the directorate. All for the growth and sustainability of the Institution.
  • Manages and Institutionalizes the UNFFE resource mobilization strategy.
  • Technically supports all UNFFE registered members with Fundraising and partnership engagements and opportunity Identification and Exploitation for the benefit of the farmers and their business.
  • Sources, responds to and follows up on funding and financing opportunities and several nature for the benefit and sustainability UNFFE and its members.
By virtue of its pivotal nature, its Director doubles as the Secretary to the Board Resource Mobilization committee.
  • The Directorate helps out in the implementation of the Strategic Plan
  • The Directorate can on many occasions be nominated to represent UNFFE on different technical working committees and groups as subject expertise may require.
  • Together with the Agribusiness Directorate, they develop business products that can grow the business wing of UNFFE and its members.