General Membership Benefits:
Becoming a member of UNFFE comes with the following benefits:
  1. Becoming part of a larger body professionally working together to advocate, lobby and influence policy making processes that stimulate and spur growth of Agriculture sector in Uganda.
  2. Involvement and participation in various farming foras, sector working groups on policy and other concerns affecting the Agriculture sector.
  3. Getting regular first-hand information and Agricultural opportunities on the East African Community and other trading blocks in the world.
  4. Participation in the decision-making process of UNFFE by being represented at the National Executive Committee of UNFFE
  5. Access to information at UNFFE such as the resource centre, internet facility, membership register, free subscription to UNFFE monthly magazine for example Farmers media, farmers’ voice and periodical briefing notes on national and global economic matters.
  6. Enjoying free space at seminars, Agricultural show exhibitions, advertising and conferences.
  7. Invitation to be a part of the UNFFE delegations that meet with foreign investors within the country and abroad.
  8. Use of UNFFE Logo in advertisements to demonstrate the spirit of working together in the Agriculture sector
  9. Advisory, training and capacity building of members in the various needs that may arise including governance, financial literacy and other Agribusiness-related skills.
  10. Participation in UNFFE networking meetings and member activities where you share ideas and experiences with other UNFFE members
  11. Participation in our Member days where you can have one on one interaction with UNFFE management staff team to explore and seize the many opportunities available at UNFFE.
  12. Member visits – every member is visited by the UNFFE team at least once a year. Aimed at strengthening links and identifying organizational issues that may require advice from UNFFE