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Mukotanyi Alex

Alex is the Executive Assistant to the President at Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE). He holds a Bachelors degree of Development studies from Makerere University is through this Professional training background that he is able to assist the board/National Executive Committee – the planning organ for the organization in setting their day to day businesses, assist them in planning process of governance design and development. Prepare their policy guidance trips, membership mobilization and recruitment programs, do research analysis and prepare policy papers for the President, plan for the fundraising strategies and logistics for the board, take records and prepare Agendas for the board meetings, keep the board fully posted with the international network, correspondences and responses. This is in addition to working closely with the office of the CEO in all matters of administration. Besides, Alex is a self-motivated and team building person from a cattle  farming background with grooming passion to contribute towards graduating the 68.9% smallholder farmers in Uganda from non-formal economy to formal economy.