You are currently viewing THE 26TH National Agricultural Show

THE 26TH National Agricultural Show

The Show

The National Agricutural and Trade Show started way back in 1993, near the source of the Nile at Jinja. This year we are celebrating the silver jubilee 25 years of the show. The Jinja show ground is a spacious (16ha) and leading exhibition in Uganda which combines Agriculture and Trade sectors.

The show sets a platform for displaying and identifying innovations made by local and foreign companies through improved technologies for better production, marketing and poverty eradication. This year we focus on how to manage the challenges of climate change bearing in mind how draught has divested agriculture over the last years. We look at the different activities being carried out to address the effects of climate change


  • A platform to learn current technologies of production in the agricultural value chain.
  • A potential market for your products.
  • Active participation by the private and public sectors.

Areas of Interest

  • Best Agro Technology & Innovations Stand
  • Most popular Education institutions (Schools, Polytechnics, Special Schools, Colleges and Universities, etc)
  • Most popular financial services i.e Banks, Saccos, Insurance, MFIs, NSSF, etc
  • Research Institutions (NARO, Universities, ILRI, etc)
  • Seed companies
  • Feeds companies
  • Agro -chemical companies
  • Government ministries / departments / programmes stand


  • Farmers
  • District Farmers Associations
  • Non-Government organisations
  • Government ministries (Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries)
  • National Agricultural Research Institutions
  • Academic institutions (Primary, Secondary and tertiary)
  • Value chain actors (mechanization firms / companies, seed companies, ago-chemicals, feed companies, processors)
  • Financial service providers, agriculture insurance
  • Media

Services to Expect

Excellent publicity in local and regional news media, with special supplements.

  • Provision of banners, posters and leaflets
  • Car stickers & gate passes for exhibitors
  • Telephone services at the show ground
  • First Aid services
  • Water and electricity installation
  • Private catering establishments available 24 hours

Entrance Fee

  • Adults: 5000UGX
  • Children: 3000UGX

Show Time

Official duration of the show is 9:00am – 6:00pm. More entertainment and evening parties extend beyond midnight.

You can also take part in additional advertising in the show magazine being handled by Farmers media, T-shirts and caps, sign posts and flags at the show grounds & television documentary.