UNFFE follows a set of rules, promises that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information in other words it recognizes the state of being secrete as a principle to ensure harmony and peace in tis operations.


During the last meeting in the term of the National Executive Committee, the Annual General Meeting per the constitution of the Federation (2018 as amended) conducts elections for new office bearers in accordance with its democratic principles and guidelines.


UNFFE values the   skill, status, methods behavior, character and standards that goes beyond what an ordinary person would have or behave in a more formal manner that would create flexibility and a fashionable way of doing things.


UNFFE finds it necessary for colleagues to work well together and using their individual skills and knowledge to provide constructive feedback to its constituency.


UNFFE values the degree to which objectives are achieved and the extent to which targets are met. This calls for carrying on right tasks, completing activities and achieving goals.


UNFFE allows its members and other professional entities to inspect its work and also it creates an enabling environment for effective monitoring and evaluation.


UNFFE takes the responsibility for its own actions and always accounts to its constituency


UNFFE upholds the attributes of honesty and having strong moral principles and values